Co-Founder & CEO, Valid Evaluation, Inc.

Adam Rentschler is the co-founder and CEO of Valid Evaluation, the evidence-based assessment platform for US Government innovation programs. He is a three-time CEO and has founded two companies. He is a recovering engineer and VC.

Adam has raised money on Sand Hill Road, from friends and family, venture debt providers, and the government. He’s successfully invested as a VC and unsuccessfully as an angel. He’s thrown hundreds of pitches in the trash, and has been told “no” by more VCs than he cares to count on a couple of doomed deals.

Adam earned an MBA at the University of Texas at Austin, and a BS in materials science and engineering at Northwestern University.

For SBIR Programs and Prime Contractors: An introduction to evidence-based proposal assessment. Automated workflows, including debriefs. Built-in protest defense. Consumer-grade UX. Harness metrics. Predict success.