CEO, Quest Thermal Group

Alan Kopelove is a scientist, technologist and entrepreneur. Alan is the CEO and a founder of Quest Thermal Group, a technology and product development company that develops and manufactures advanced thermal systems for aerospace and commercial uses. Alan is part of the core team that developed next generation high performance insulation systems. Quest’s Discrete Spacer Technology™ offers unique thermal and structural properties, providing innovative technology helping solve critical NASA needs for space exploration missions. Quest Thermal products are now in orbit and on the ISS, and are being incorporated in various future spacecraft and missions.

Alan has been an engineering manager, business development manager, technology director, adjunct faculty, CEO and founder of two companies. He has B.S. and M.S. degrees in physical sciences, and an MBA.

Alan began his career interested in science and his first career was research on metalloproteins (how does the iron in hemoglobin reversibly bind oxygen?). Heading to industry, Alan led engineering teams designing and marketing scientific instruments. After getting an MBA, Alan focused on tech transfer and technology development. In this career he managed engineering teams and R&D programs for technology development for medical devices, biotech and aerospace products. He has over 35 publications or papers in various technical fields, and several patents. He successfully used Federal equity-free funding to bootstrap development of three IP portfolios and technologies, one of which was the superinsulation developed for NASA and spaceflight that led to the Quest Thermal Group startup.