CTO, sci_Zone, Inc

Andrew Santangelo, Chief Technology Officer of sci_Zone and visionary for the QuickSAT™ suite of software modules (flight management, communications, perception, and satellite design tools), is currently the Program Manager for the LinkStar series of technologies for ground systems, aircraft and spacecraft. His formal experience in Aerospace Engineering began in 1980 at The University of Michigan (U of M) where he studied the impact of adding wings to a tethered end mass while in flight in the upper atmosphere. In the winter of 1990 Mr. Santangelo revisited as a graduate student at the U of M the concept of tethering a probe or several small probes in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Mr. Santangelo lectured at the U of M and was a Professor of Engineering Physics at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. Mr. Santangelo’s specific areas of research interest include Autonomous Systems, Systems Engineering Methods, vehicle communications, systems design, and innovative satellite hardware and software. Mr. Santangelo has received over $10 million in SBIR Phase I and II grants, plus SBIR Phase III Commercialization and DoD BAA funding to develop the QuickSAT environment and supporting software tools and embedded systems, innovative electrodynamic propulsion systems, satellite to satellite communications systems, and UAV systems. Starting in 2014 Mr. Santangelo began development of the LinkStar satellite radio-flight computer systems which utilizes the Globalstar satellite network. The radio flight systems have been used on the ground and in near space, and are targeted for nine cubesat missions through 2020. Mr. Santangelo is the founding member of the Space Tethers Technical Committee for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), which Mr. Santangelo, a Lifetime Associate Fellow, served as its founding Chairman. Mr. Santangelo’s work in Aviation, Public Policy, CubeSats and small satellites has allowed him to form the AIAA Small Satellite Technical Committee where he is the Founding Chairman. In addition to Mr. Santangelo’s CubeSat and UAV efforts, he has also supported numerous other programs and missions as either program manager or Lead Systems Engineer. Mr. Santangelo brings a broad background in systems development, program management, costing, and engineering. In recognition for his efforts` in the Aerospace Community, Mr. Santangelo received in July 2005 the Distinguished Service Award from the AIAA.

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