NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Centennial Challenges Program

As Team Lead of the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Conversion Centennial Challenge, Ms. Turner collaborates with the Agency’s Subject Matter Expert (SME) at Ames Research Center to develop, refine and execute prize competitions to address challenges in advancing the technology needed for life support on the surface of Mars. She leads a team of NASA support personnel, including internal and external contractors to design, develop, integrate and execute this challenge in adherence to the NASA Prize Authority as directed by Congress.

Prior to working in the Centennial Challenges Program, she most recently served as an executive assistant to the NASA Marshall Center Director’s Office, under a management intern program. In this role she developed skills in leadership, integration and diplomacy at the Agency and other Federal Government working levels. This broad experience increased her knowledge base of NASA, its Mission Directorates, the Centers, Congressional Operations, White House direction and external partners associated with execution of the mission. It provided an opportunity to interface, collaborate and grow relationships across internal and external stakeholders including: the NASA Administrator, his staff, many Associate Administrators and multiple Center Directors as well as senior leaders of industry and academia.

Additionally, Ms. Turner was a Senior Training Consultant responsible for organizational and leadership development as well as in-house curriculum development and training of NASA employees to meet specific needs related to transitioning and development of teams and leaders.

Her career began at Marshall in the Academic Affairs Office. Her primary role was to lead the creation and building of projects and tools to educate teachers, students and adults in using hands-on activities to further the knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in formal and informal academia.