CIO, Volant Aerial

Emilio Pineda has worked for more than 10 years designing, flying and planning autonomous drone and fixed wing UAV missions and created companies in the process:

  1. LEVEL Advertising Blimps:
    Established the company LEVEL Advertising Blimps at a young age. Built and modified radio-controlled blimps to work over 4600ft above sea level.
  2. Fly North:
    Founder and CEO,
    Fly North is a company dedicated to remote sensing, aerial photography, photogrammetry, surveying and crop analysis. Using the most advanced algorithms and software to provide real and useful data. He designed, built and modified drones and fixed wing UAVs for different missions in the most challenging terrains, topographies and climates. Designed equipment for use in manned aircraft to survey thousands of acres at a time. Currently having branches in Colombia, Chile and U.S, hiring and training local pilots.

An autonomous 24/7 monitoring platform that combines AI with UAV and IoT technologies. Includes only AI (deep convolutional) based fire detection in the world.