Deputy Program Manager, JPSS Common Ground System (CGS)

Dr. Emily Greene is the Deputy Program Manager for the JPSS Common Ground System (CGS). The CGS supports the operations, commanding and science data processing for NOAA’s next generation polar orbiting spacecraft, the Suomi-NPP and N-20 spacecraft currently in orbit and preparation for the JPSS-2 spacecraft to launch in early 2022. The data from these spacecraft are key to the National Weather Service’s 3-5 day forecast accuracy.

Previously, Dr. Greene was the Chief Scientist for the Data Systems Implementation and Operations (DSIO) contract supporting NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Her responsibilities include technical leadership in Systems Engineering and Science across the DSIO Contract, mentoring staff and partnering with JPL in developing joint new opportunities.

After 30+ years at Raytheon supporting NASA, Dr. Greene has deep experience across all the divisions of the Science Mission Directorate. She led the Raytheon Teams supporting the Aura Earth Science Instruments science data processing systems for JPL’s Microwave Limb Sounder and Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer, from inception through launch and into successful operations.

Prior to her work with JPL, Dr. Greene supported many missions at GSFC including the Mars Global Surveyor, the Planetary Data System, the ASCA X-ray Astrophysics telescope, and the AMPTE Heliospheric Missions.

Dr. Greene has received numerous JPL, GSFC and NASA Group Achievement Awards for her support of these and other missions. She has also received the Raytheon Management Excellence Award and Good Citizen Award.

Dr. Greene earned her BS degree in Physics from Harvey Mudd College, and her PhD in Heliospheric Physics from the University of Maryland. She is an alumna and Trustee of the New Jersey Scholars Program, a non-profit that provides a 6 week residential intensive college-level summer study program for New Jersey high school Juniors at no cost to the parents.