5Star Bank

At 5Star Bank, we understand that government contractors are vital to the Colorado and local economies. Contractors have unique challenges as well as vast opportunities for growth and success. Understanding the industry and what it takes to meet your financial needs requires expertise and know-how. Aileen Berrios, Senior Vice President-Commercial Banking, has been partners alongside government contractors for over 30 years and specializes in providing financial solutions to the government contracting industry. As a founding member of the Colorado Government Contracting Forum, Aileen understands the nuances of this industry. With local decision-making, quick turnaround and competitive pricing, our understanding of government contractors sets 5Star Bank apart from other banks.

Aileen Berrios, Senior Vice President – Commercial Banking
719-637-4017 | aberrios@5star.bankwww.5star.bank

Advanced Space

Advanced Space is an aerospace engineering company providing space navigation, guidance and control services including mission design, complex orbit transfers, low-thrust navigation, three body analysis, and spacecraft autonomy. Advanced Space exists to support the sustainable exploration, development, and settlement of space. Advanced Space personnel have been directly involved in 7 of the last 8 spacecraft to the Moon and 24 space missions overall. The company offers state-of-the-art engineering, low-thrust navigation, and three-body dynamics expertise and use world-class tools to design the most challenging missions – including those around Earth, to the Moon, to the inner solar system, and to the outer solar system. Advanced Space supports customers in civil, commercial and national security space from its office in Boulder Colorado, in the heart of Colorado’s aerospace alley. With support from NASA, Advanced Space is developing new capabilities in spacecraft autonomy and lunar navigation, including the highly innovative Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System (CAPS) which will revolutionize the volume, efficiency, and effectiveness, of lunar exploration. The company has been awarded several NASA small business R&D contracts and Colorado’s Advanced Industries Accelerator program.

Bradley Cheetham, CEO
720-545-9191 | cheetham@advancedspace.com | www.advancedspace.com