Director of Technology, Sierra Nevada Corporation

Frank Taylor has more than 34 years of technical and program management experience in prototype aircraft and spacecraft vehicles with Scaled Composites, Lockheed, Martin Marietta, Composite Optics (COI) and for the last 14 years with Sierra Nevada.

At SNC, Mr. Taylor served as Director of Technology for the Space Exploration Systems, Sierra Nevada Corporation in Louisville CO. He was the initial Program Manager of the development of Dream Chaser for NASA’s CRS-2 program from the beginning concept in 2004 and continuing today as the Director of Technology on both the CRS-2 and Advance Programs. In addition, he has worked at LM-Skunk-Works on YF-22, X-33, JSF(X-35) and other vehicles; Scaled Composites on Several aircraft both crewed and RPV: ATK-COI on composite and ceramic structures for Aircraft, Launch Vehicles, Missiles and Small Satellites. He has a BS Mechanical Engineer from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo obtain in 1984.