Vice President Future Missions and Technology, Astrobotic

Jeffrey Apeldoorn leads the Future Missions and Technology department. Apeldoorn has a wide international business development experience, global network, and past experience in lunar lander and rover development. He brings over 10 years of experience working on a wide variety of governmental and commercial missions. Today he is also a long-time visiting lecturer on “space debris” at the International Space University. Prior to Astrobotic, Apeldoorn supported U.S. and European aerospace and defense companies expanding their businesses across continents through his own consultancy company. Before this, Apeldoorn served as Vice President Corporate Affairs at OHB SE in Germany. Apeldoorn supported the OHB’s Group’s 2019+ strategy, strengthened the Group’s capabilities and competitiveness, and investigated expansion possibilities. As a testimony to his drive, one of OHB’s subsidiaries grew by 400% in annual revenue and doubled its employees during his tenure. Additionally, he was personally responsible for the company’s biggest single contract win in the last decade.