President and CEO, Deep Space Systems

Steve Bailey has worked exclusively on human and robotic exploration systems since 1983.

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin in December 1982, Steve began working on the Space Shuttle program at the Johnson Space Center as a Guidance, Navigation and Control System Engineer at the Johnson Space Center. GN&C and real-time simulation and systems modeling led to system engineering positions in development projects and studies, where a keen interest in the joint JSC/JPL Mars Rover Sample Return mission study resulted in a position as a civil servant in the JSC New Initiatives Office. With the advent of the Space Exploration Initiative, Steve proposed, and eventually became the Project Manager, of the Artemis Common Lunar Lander Mission, intended to be the first SEI robotic precursor mission.

Intrigued by Mars exploration, Steve joined the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 1994 to support the Mars Pathfinder Project and subsequently the Mars Surveyor Program. JPL awarded MSP to Lockheed Martin and sent Steve to Denver to be embedded with their prime contractor as the Spacecraft System Design lead for the Mars Polar Lander. Attempting to stay in Colorado, Steve provided support for flight missions Mars Odyssey, Mars Phoenix and OSIRIS-Rex while leading studies and proposal efforts including Lunar missions in the Discovery and New Frontiers competitions.

Given the opportunity to lead credible commercial Lunar Lander design efforts, Steve commuted back to California as a vision quest in 2000 for BlastOff! and again in 2012 for Moon Express.

In 2001 Steve founded Deep Space Systems, and has managed to maintain key technical roles in active projects including the Spacecraft System Design lead for the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and a lead Systems Engineer on Orion from the proposal to the EFT-1 test flight. Steve also continues to lead advanced programs efforts including studies, proposals, and technology development, including working as the Spacecraft Systems Design Lead for Lockheed Martin’s Mars Base Camp, while leading DSS as President and CEO. Since 2001, DSS has grown from 1 employee to 60 and has branched from engineering services into providing spaceflight hardware for customers including Lockheed Martin, Sierra Nevada and Orbital ATK.

Deep Space Systems supports the design, development, integration, testing, and operation of technology and exploration spacecraft, including a product line of high performance camera systems.